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Carpet Cleaning Mesa

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Carpet Cleaner Mesa

Carpet Cleaning Mesa AZ

Is there any reason why you should not have the cleanest carpet in Mesa AZ?

That is an interesting question to ask, all carpet cleaning the same right? There are so many choices when looking for a carpet cleaner in Mesa.
You get bombarded with so many ads and with such a wide variety of prices.  So who can you trust and what is the best place to find information. We at the Carpet Medic have put together a guide that tells you all about carpet cleaning in Mesa.

First question is “Why is carpet cleaning in Mesa important?” There are a few important differences here in Mesa and other parts of Arizona that make carpet cleaning a little more important.
Our base soil is a little more “sandy” in Mesa AZ, and this causes your carpet to wear out quicker than in other parts of the U.S.
When you look at sand under a microscope it has very sharp edges. These edges cut and wear on the carpet fibers much quicker here in Mesa.
Daily vacuuming and regularly cleaning your carpet can minimize the damage and keep your carpets looking great.
Our air quality here in Mesa and the East Valley is also part of the reason our carpets get dirty so quickly. Outside air gets processed through our A/C units and blown around our Mesa homes.
This air contains dust and sand particles that get lodged in the carpet fibers. We have many customers who only reside here in the winter. When they return, there is a layer of dust that covers their homes.

The second major question is which type of carpet cleaning is best? In our 15 years of carpet cleaning experience we have found that the best type of cleaning is hot water extraction which is commonly called “steam cleaning.”
We feel that while the training of the carpet cleaning technician is the most important aspect in getting a great carpet cleaning job, the equipment they use runs a very close second.
Truck-mounted Units provide superior cleaning results which result in optimum carpet performance, appearance and user satisfaction in Mesa Arizona.
There are other methods like Host, Capture and Chem Dry but we provide hot water extraction because we feel that it does the best possible job especially with our sandy Mesa soil.

Carpet Cleaning Mesa AZ

Power Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Mesa AZ

The third question is “Why is there such a wide variety of prices out there?” This is a great question! I am sure in your Mesa post box you get quite of few different offers for carpet cleaning.
Well I want to share with you what some of those offers include and what some of the dirty tricks that some carpet cleaners use to lure you in. The first practice that many unscrupulous cleaners use is to offer you a super cheap price to get in the door.
They offer a crazy price like $5.95 per room! Sounds like a great price for cleaning your Mesa home Right! Well look at the fine print before you get to excited. That price is typically for using water only. They have no intention of cleaning your home for this price. No respectable cleaner could operate a successful business at that price. They simply advertise that carpet cleaning price to get in your house. Once they are in they use pressure techniques to push you in to paying for their upgrades. They hope that you are to “invested” in the process to turn them away. We classify these types of carpet cleaners as “bait and switch” or in plain language just flat out liars and thieves.
Another type of carpet cleaner is the discount or low cost cleaners. They offer pricing like ” 3 rooms for 60.00 ” or ” .10 cents per square foot. ” These carpet cleaning companies have priced their services so low that they have to cut corners and leave you with carpet that has been cleaned, but is not really clean carpet. Most carpet cleaning companies fall in this category. They get in to the business quickly and pick a price that they can undercut their competitors. They unfortunately don’t understand the cost of doing business and soon have to use substandard chemicals, cut out training, or do jobs so quickly that they leave the carpet soiled. It is this type of cleaner that goes out of business within five years.
Carpet Medic has been in business for 15 years and we are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. We understand that for a truly clean carpet there needs to be a combination of these certain factors.

Proper Chemical Use

Trained Technicians

Great Cleaning Equipment

We offer all of this carpet cleaning service and more at the Carpet Medic. We are committed to offering you a cleaning experience that is second to none. Carpet Medic has been servicing the Mesa area for over 15 years. Please don’t settle for average carpet cleaning when you can have extraordinary clean carpets.
Call us at 480-428-4535 to schedule your appointment now for carpet cleaning Mesa AZ.

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